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David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 14:10:04 EST 2014

Hey Dafydd,

I was just curious to see, at least as a temporary measure, if I might find
some recordings on Youtube.  So I searched a bit, and did find something
you might find of interest:

I found this youtube channel when I searched for "Have at thy Coat, Old

And it looks like the songs are freely available:

Of course they may need editing / cutting, so it isn't perfect, but could
be useful for a few songs.  :)
(though may not be period instruments either, but still sounds nicer than

Oh, and a few times, when I've really needed a song, I've managed to cheat
and Extract the music from a Youtube video, often from a live dance
performance video.  So that can work sometimes too.  Here is the website
I've used:


On 20 February 2014 12:25, White,John <john.white at drexel.edu> wrote:

> > From: Mary Railing
> >
> > The Playford dance that I would like to have a new recording of is Lord
> of
> > Carnarvon's Jig. The figures are very interesting, but the only music I
> know of
> > is an ancient record album (with nth generation cassette tapes) and a
> > recording of one person playing recorder.
> >
> > --Urraca
> >
> There is a very usable, if electronic, version available from Iwaz Music (
> http://www.iwazmusic.com/)
> on the St Mark's Consort CD On A May Morn.  You can even listen to it on
> the website.
> And yes, the dance is pretty cool, if repetitive (in that each couple does
> the same figure, but
> from different ends of the line).  I've been teaching it for years.
>                    \\Dafydd C
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