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White,John john.white at drexel.edu
Thu Feb 20 12:25:54 EST 2014

> From: Mary Railing
> The Playford dance that I would like to have a new recording of is Lord of
> Carnarvon's Jig. The figures are very interesting, but the only music I know of
> is an ancient record album (with nth generation cassette tapes) and a
> recording of one person playing recorder.
> --Urraca
There is a very usable, if electronic, version available from Iwaz Music (http://www.iwazmusic.com/)
on the St Mark's Consort CD On A May Morn.  You can even listen to it on the website.

And yes, the dance is pretty cool, if repetitive (in that each couple does the same figure, but
from different ends of the line).  I've been teaching it for years.

                   \\Dafydd C

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