[SCA-Dance] Ripresa graue

Justin du coeur jducoeur at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 12:41:36 EDT 2013

Seems unlikely -- I was seeing the up-then-over sometimes before Clara's
translation came out.  (We've generally done the over-then-up ourselves
since then.)  So I think it's an older habit...

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Alexander Clark
<alexbclark at pennswoods.net>wrote:

> I was just reviewing some steps and looked over something I'd been
> thinking I ought to share. The translation at
> http://jducoeur.org/IlBallarino/Book1/Riprese.html seems to be missing
> a word. The original says "dopo" (which means "then") before the part
> about raising the heels, so it ought to be translated, "and then
> raising both the heels . . ." So you step out to the side, then rise
> up.
> ISTM that it's kind of usual for SCA dancers to rise up (with the
> heels up) before stepping out to the side, as is not really ruled out
> by this translation. Could this be where we got it from?
> --
> Henry/Alex
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