[SCA-Dance] SCAd-Dance Delving into the Trihory

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In Mynydd Seren we do the version we learned from Katherine von Regensburg (of Lochach, so it may be Del's reconstruction). It's one of the dances we like to teach to the crowd at demos because it is so easy and because the heel swishes quickly become  "shake your booty". (Standing on your toes and swishing your heels back and forth tends to carry your back side along, too.) The call we use is, "double to left- and jump- kick-kick-kick; double to left- and jump- swish-swish-swish."


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    I have been looking at the less commonly done yet imminently interesting bransles in Arbeau, and I was wondering if anyone had reconstructed the Trihory, and what their take on it was, especally the enigmatic bit about ending the dance a different way wth heel swishes. Does anyone here know anything about modern Breton folk dance, and whether their might be a (stylistic/musical) connection between that and the Trihory?

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