[SCA-Dance] Taking notes

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Thu Jul 7 16:06:01 EDT 2011

Some notes about, well, notes.

In SEEKRIT PRIVAT EMAIL, someone wrote that he now realized that I was
the one who was always taking notes.

Fair cop.  I was trying to note things that were unlikely to be in the
proceedings, like Gwommy's suggestion on the hay in Parson's Farewell,
or other misc. notes, like for Friday:

- How to do Hit or Miss for 6
- How to do Goddesses for 4
- Scotch Cap: how Gwommy does it differently from the class
- Grimstock: 3 different ways to do the third chorus
- Parson's Farewell: the Tape of Dance 3 version is slower, hence
   nicer for teaching, than the CD we usually play
- Local variant #23 of the hey in Whirlygig

Each night of KWDMS, I sent e-mail to myself and a couple of others,
dumping my notes and anything else that I remembered from the day,
knowing that I WOULD forget (and indeed I have).

So nobody else sees value in taking notes?  Maybe you have a better
memory than I do?

It was very nice that we could wear modern clothes during the day --
I don't have enough SCA outfits.  But I was taking notes on a piece of
paper folded and shoved in my pocket, and it turns out that my legs
sweat, especially during cascarde.  Who knew?  So the ink smeared.  In
the future, I will use a little notebook with a coated cover.

The descriptions for the classes I took were very good about listing
the dances that we would do -- bless you all.  What I *should* have
done was write my *rating* of each dance right after doing it, from
"WANT" (the pinwheel dance) to "nevermore" (Lightly Love), to help
remind myself of the dances that I wanted to look up when back home.

Denyel de Lyncoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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