[SCA-Dance] Yay for KWDS!

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 7 11:34:08 EDT 2011

I would like to thank everyone whose participation made this such a great event. 
The event staff worked hard despite a lot of Real Life issues. Friends near and 
far offered advice and support. We had about 150 attendees, 37 of which taught 
one or more classes. Despite all my worries about the state of the economy and 
the pitfalls of university bureaucracy, the event came out ahead financially.

I'm continually impressed by the degree to which the SCA dance community is 
invested in this event. People will come from all over at considerable expense 
to work making KWDS successful. We are able to plan bids years in advance with 
needing an official "Office" or "Minister" to organize things because the 
community is able to decide things by consensus and pull together to support a 
distant autocrat. You are truly an amazing bunch of people! 

--Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa

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Just a quick note: my compliments to Urraca and all the staff and 
teachers of Known World Dance. I haven't made it to one in too many 
years, and it was a delight -- a lovely town (with astonishing 
restaurants), a beautiful site, great classes, a great event all around. 
I had a great time; nicely done...

                -- Justin
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