[SCA-Dance] Danse Macabre announcement Was Re: Your message to Sca-dance awaits moderator approval

flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Nov 2 16:04:17 EDT 2010

Donna <lgp477 at up.net> writes:
> How to ensure that this doesn't happen again?  I doubt anyone else (who
>but the announcement never made it to the list and you never know.  Anyway,

you mean this post:

That posted on the 20th.

it also showed up on the unofficial yahoogroup page:

Things people can do to make sure their post goes through quickly:

1: Make sure you post from an email address that is a member of the real
   list (which is hosted at lists.andrew.cmu.edu) not the yahoogroup.
   (non members have to be hand approved)

2: Post in plain text only
   (html and attachments more than double the size of the post, which
   can cause it to reach a size limit)

3: put "[SCA-Dance]" in the subject beforehand.
   (all "first" posts are moderated in order to get past some clever
   spam that was getting through)

4: Bribe the list administrator.
   (This doesn't actually make your posts get through faster, but i 
    figured i'd see if i could slip it in. :)


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