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On Sun, 11 Apr 2010, Aaron Macks <upelluri at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Alternately called the Pattricke, Dunn or Lovelace manuscript,

Um, I've not heard of this manuscript.  Can you discuss it?
With a little Googling, I found Carol G. Marsh, "The Lovelace
Manuscript. A Preliminary Study", at
Note: the version of Adobe REader on my Linux system hung when opening
the file; xpdf worked for me.

     A previously unknown manuscript source, now in Houghton Library at
     Harvard University, contributes significantly to our stock of
     "pre-Playford" dances. This untitled manuscript, a commonplace
     book referred to variously as the "Lovelace Manuscript" or the
     "Pattricke Manuscript", contains instructions (but no music) for
     32 English country dances, 22 of which have concordances in the
     early editions of the Dancing Master. Yet a comparison of the
     manuscript with the printed sources reveals clearly that the
     dances in the Lovelace manuscript were not copied from the
     Playford prints, nor from other contemporary manuscript
     sources. These dance descriptions are much less rigid and
     formulaic than those in the Dancing Master, raising the
     possibility that Playford (or his editor) may have standardized
     the choreographies that they collected. This paper presents a
     preliminary study of the manuscript.

Has there not been any progress in transcribing or interpreting the

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