[SCA-Dance] Some images from MSEng 1356

Aaron Macks upelluri at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 22:46:40 EDT 2010

  Alternately called the Pattricke, Dunn or Lovelace manuscript, so I've
taken to just using the library catalogue number, since at least that's
not up for debate.  I have not gotten access to the actual manuscript,
only the microfilm.

  It was not well imaged to microfilm, so the edges are extremely dark,
where the center is bright and the microfilm readers and scanners
are...clumsy, let's say clumsy.  The best I have been able to do is scan
2 copies of each page, one too bright and one too dark and combine them
in software.  The outcome is not great, but perhaps useful for the moment.
  I've processed the first 10 pages, some notes on processing:
* 1 and 2 were not scanned twice, so you see them as they were on the reader
* 6 and 7 were combined using method "a"
* The rest using method "b"

  The uploaded images are 1280 px high, whereas my copies are approx
4400px high.  I didn't want to bother crushing my server until I knew we
have the final version of the processed images, but I can send along a
sample high-res if people are interested.

  I still have all the original images, so if there is a strong
preference for A over B, i can redo the others.  Pages 11-15 are waiting
to be processed and then I need to get back to Houghton to do more
scanning, hopefully next week.



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