[SCA-Dance] Some images from MSEng 1356

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Apr 12 15:00:17 EDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 12:01:32PM -0500, Tim McDaniel wrote:

> Um, I've not heard of this manuscript.  Can you discuss it?
> With a little Googling, I found Carol G. Marsh, "The Lovelace
> Manuscript. A Preliminary Study", at
> <http://fagisis.zeddele.de/morgenroete-pdfs/Marsh_.pdf>

That's all we know about it, basically. If you look back in this
group's archive (which, alas, lives at Yahoo Groups) you'll see
Emma starting a thread about it on February 26.

> Has there not been any progress in transcribing or interpreting the
> dances?

I think the plan was to ask Carol Marsh, because no one can find any
other publications.

-- Gregory

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