[SCA-Dance] Not a Known World Dance Seminar?

flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Jun 23 10:26:34 EDT 2009

David Learmonth <david.a.learmonth at gmail.com> writes:
> - Advertising - The Main benefit otherwise is that we automatically get into
> various newsletters and kingdom calendars.  Not that this wouldn't still be
> possible otherwise to arrange.
Having been staff at the KW Cooks and Bards this last Fall, i can attest
that it is by no means automatic. We had to push and push and beg and plead
the various chroniclers and webmasters to get in.... and we still didn't
get into all of them.  It would be nice if being a KW event meant that 
the society chronicler did the pushing for you... but that's not how it
works... at least not for us.

> - "posing" as a KW event - 
> However, we were informed additionally that the society could come 
> down hard on us if we basically were running another event, but 
> posing as a KW event.
What is a "Known World" event other than an event to which the whole "world"
is invited.  Basically that's all events.  The only thing that is different
is advertising scope and being such a good event that people are willing
to travel for it.

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