[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Del del at babel.com.au
Thu Jul 30 03:22:28 EDT 2009

> For those not having a yahoogroup account, i've placed a text version of the file:
> http://www.sca-dance.org/documents/kwds/kwds2011-mynydd-seren.txt

For those of us who have less affiliation with the USA than the rest of you:

When is "Independence Day Weekend"?  Is that likely to be summer or 
winter or in between (which would affect my attendance -- having decided 
that the USA in April was marginally too cold for me, anything earlier 
in the year than that, or later than October, and I'm unlikely to be there)?

Just another general reminder -- not all of the world celebrates the 
same holidays as the USA.  We don't have an independence day.  We don't 
have a "fall" and even if we did it wouldn't be at the same time of the 
year as yours.  We don't have a "dime" and if we did we'd probably put 
the number "10" on it so that people from overseas knew how much money 
such a coin represented.


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