[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Stephen Kiefert lanhamlaw at att.net
Fri Jul 24 15:57:35 EDT 2009

There have been several good points made for and against annual, but there is no way to prove either side.  The only way to tell would be to try it.
So it might be productive to shift discussion to whether or not an experiment with annual should be done.

There will be one in 2011, so unless someone can put it together soon for 2010, the next annual would be in 2012.  We don't have to decide it next week, there is time to discuss this.

The upside of trying it is we will know for sure if annual works, as opposed to rejecting it based on possibilities and never knowing.  If it does work, that would be good for dance societywide by having it twice as often and in twice as many places.  There seems to be sufficient enthusiasm now.

The downside would be having not as good an event if the classes are thinned out.  Maybe there would need to be more repeated classes year to year. The question is, would there be any irreparable harm to the event if the experiment was done and did not work?  We can always go back to biennial.  There would need to be a definite date for an evaluation if the experiment is done, and no presumption of its continuance.

Stefan of Cambion

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