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flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Jul 23 17:37:01 EDT 2009

"Kelley Rambo" <krambo at antioch.edu> writes:
> I don't know who to send this to, but something seems to have changed in
> the list preferences.
Nothing has changed recently... It's possible that you are just noticing it more
because of increased traffic. (Yay!)

Couple things i suggest:
1: teach your mail reader to autofile sca-dance into it's own folder.
   I like this one the best... i can help you if you don't know how.

2: Set your mail mode to "no email"
   Then you can read things online at yahoogroups (the unofficial mirror) or 
   through the list archives (link at bottom of list)

3: Set your email to digest mode.
   I don't particularly like that option... but it reduces the amount of email by
   combining several messages into 1.

Assuming you are on the "real list" you can do any of those through the 
list interface (link at bottom of every messages) 
or my simplified one here:  http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~flip/listform.html

If you are really busy, and want me to set up as in "2" i'll do that for you.

If you are subscribed via yahoogroups, you need to set your subscription to 
"no email" through yahoo's interface.

In service,

BTW, Some folks going to pennsic might find this link useful:


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