[SCA-Dance] email messages

Kelley Rambo krambo at antioch.edu
Thu Jul 23 23:07:47 EDT 2009

I have set it to "no email".  I even put in a faulty email address
yesterday thinking it would bounce, but more messages have been coming
into today.  As much as I like the conversation on the list, I don't have
time to read it all.  More ideas?

flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu writes:
>"Kelley Rambo" <krambo at antioch.edu> writes:
>> I don't know who to send this to, but something seems to have
>changed in
>> the list preferences.
>Nothing has changed recently... It's possible that you are just
>noticing it more
>because of increased traffic. (Yay!)
>Couple things i suggest:
>1: teach your mail reader to autofile sca-dance into it's own folder.
>   I like this one the best... i can help you if you don't know how.
>2: Set your mail mode to "no email"
>   Then you can read things online at yahoogroups (the unofficial
>mirror) or 
>   through the list archives (link at bottom of list)
>3: Set your email to digest mode.
>   I don't particularly like that option... but it reduces the amount
>of email by
>   combining several messages into 1.
>Assuming you are on the "real list" you can do any of those
>through the 
>list interface (link at bottom of every messages) 
>or my simplified one here: 
>If you are really busy, and want me to set up as in "2" i'll
>do that for you.
>If you are subscribed via yahoogroups, you need to set your
>subscription to 
>"no email" through yahoo's interface.
>In service,
>BTW, Some folks going to pennsic might find this link useful:
>To send mail to the entire list, be sure sca-dance at sca-dance.org is
>in the To line of any response.
>To Unsubscribe send mail to: sca-dance-request at sca-dance.org

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