[SCA-Dance] email messages

Kelley Rambo krambo at antioch.edu
Thu Jul 23 14:58:46 EDT 2009

I don't know who to send this to, but something seems to have changed in
the list preferences.  I don't remember receiving ALL of the postings in
my personal email before.  They used to be sent to the yahoogroups site so
that I could read them when I wanted to and not be inundated with them
daily.  While I appreciate the information shared on this list, I want to
be able to read it when I need/want to, not sift through it in my personal
mailbox just to find more pertinent emails.  Could whoever is in charge
please fix this?  I am a bit distracted right now with being 10 mos
pregnant to do more about it than send this email, so your assistance is


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