[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Janelle Durham janelyn at msn.com
Wed Jul 22 20:44:23 EDT 2009

>> There seems to be a big status factor here:  "I've been to every KWDS,
and I want to go to every one of them. And if it's annual, there is a
possibility that I can't."

I will re-phrase what I was trying to say, and failed to say in my original

My overarching desire for KWDS is that it continue to be a unique and
special event where:
- serious researchers have time to prepare great classes and share cool
knowledge with others
- serious dancers get to come and focus only on dance and nothing but dance
for days on end
- local dancers, whether expert, medium, or brand-spanking-new, all have a
chance to participate in and enjoy dance

If we held the event TOO often, I worry that it may become less special, and
not as many people may travel to it 
Right now, I can pretty much guess that at KWDS, I will see many of my
favorite dancers from around the Known World, because they prioritize coming
to the event.
Now, if it was held every year instead of every other, would that still be
true? Or would only half my favorite people go to each event. 
So, the question is how often is too often?? How often is not often enough?
I don't know - I think that's the point of this discussion (and/or doing a
"poll") to find out.

I threw my own personal opinion into the hat, only meaning it to be an
example of a personal opinion, not a demand that anyone serve my personal
I wanted to convey that I know there is at least one person out there (me)
who thinks it works best to have the event every two years, and to have a
sense of where it will be four years in advance so I can juggle it with my
own schedule and my own priorities. 
I cannot attest for how other people make their decisions, I can only share
my own experience. That's not selfish, that's just meaning to gather lots of
people's own personal experiences until a consensus shakes out about what
works best for the highest percentage of the people who care. Groups will do
as groups will do, and then the rest of us make our own choices based on our
own needs. But, the more we can learn about those needs and desires in
advance, the better.


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