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It's my impression that, for better or worse, a lot of the same people do teach every time.  I remember Teleri joking about both of us coming all the way to Australia to teach the same classes we had taught at Terpsichore.  It's the attendees in areas that don't have a lot of instructors who would benefit from more KWDS in more places.  I think the instructors might be in danger of burning out.  On the other hand, fresh blood might not be a bad thing...

Another thought.  I suspect that if it were every year I would want to attend if possible, but that this might make me more likely to skip Terp or Crystal Ball-- another sort of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" to consider.


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Now I speak out of curiousity, (not having attended one of these KWDS but
now definitely getting interested n the attending at some point).  If this
were to become an annual event, there may be enough dancers interested in
attending, but are there enough presenters and teachers to do this annually
without burnout?  For instance, are there enough presenters out there that
you could come up with, say, two rosters for two consecutive years using
completely different instructors?  This way, the instructors, (is they so
desire to pace themselves) don't feel obligated to teach every year if they
don't have the time and energy, and the organizers aren't scrambling for
teachers because the pool of them have burned out.  On the plus side, the
instructors may have the option of actually attend the alternate year KWDS,
attend the clases, but not teach at all.  And of course, those who are on a
roll and want the teach every year, or want the impetus to do research every
year would be able to do so.   It would be nice to hear from more of the
instructors how they feel about a yearly option to present their research or
teach.   (I believe one said she'd welcome the opportunity.)


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