[SCA-Dance] Dancing (aka Flirting to Music)

Trey treydaddy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 21:03:37 EDT 2009

Some thoughts I have.

During the dance you will be touching another human being.  A great
deal of information can be passed via this contact.  You can guide
your partner with the slightest motion of a wrist or forearm.  The
lady should always look for the lord's hand and the lord should always
have it at the ready.  The lord should always provide a steady grip
during arming.  Do not dig your fingers into her arm.  Just provide an
anchor for you both to spin about.  The most important contact is Eye
Contact.  A lady's eyes will tell you exactly how much flirt you can
put into your dance.  Likewise her body language will also provide a
great deal of information.

Good signs for potential friskiness on the dance floor:
She holds eye contact and smiles
Her thumb grazes during arming
Her shoulder lingers during siding

Disengage friskiness if:
Her eyes are on just about anything other than you
She appears unsure of her steps.  Take this opportunity to guide and mentor
She mentioned, more than once, her Viking lord with the horned helmet
standing *right over there*

There is a plethora of other indications for good or bad of course.
Every dance floor...and lady...is different.  So Pay Attention.  It's
the one currency we all have and it always provides dividends.

Flirtatiously Yours,

Abel Frölicher

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