[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 01:20:06 EDT 2009

Actually, it sounds like many of the KWDSes were hosted by small groups of
individuals, with some support.  I'm really not certain how many of them had
how strong of a dance community.  (we have some good people from across
kingdom, but for dance in general, we've actually been closer to the low
point for several years now, as it sounds like Texas, and much of the SCA is
at.  Dance has been much more of an A&S focus of a group, than an activity
that happens commonly at events).

And not that I'm not up for a potential experiment, and really not trying to
be rude about this, but I see your view Lowrie as a bit of the selfish one
from the other side of things.  You didn't make it to the last few KWDSes
(and I do know that other people made it up here from your way, though some
came up early so I'm guessing it wasn't feasible for you), and so you are
missing dance and want to give yourself more options, potentially at the
expense of the quality of the event.

Oh, and as another thing to mention about the other KW events, actually
given the success of KWDS, I know that some of us have been talking about
trying to attend some of the other KW events as well, at least somewhat
(and it sounds like some dancers do), and so again if we are booking
additional events, we will partially crowd out this chance for overlap,
amongst people who have multiple activities in the SCA. (and there are quite
a few serious dancers who have strong other activities that they also focus

I really think that we have some great dance events that are annual, and
more are springing up all the time.  Several of these are definitely worth
the trip to attend from a distance.  I think that they should be quite
suitable to fill the void of dancing for people when they are not at a
KWDS.  And then hey, if you want more dancing, come to Pennsic and dance for
2 solid weeks.

But KWDS should give more of a proper conference forum for sharing
research.  And we're just lucky to be able to successfully move it around as
we have to inspire and involve local groups.

Ultimately, I'd say that the key groups proposing KWDSes right now, are
probably the ones who have to decide what will make the most sense for them,
and if they collectively want to move to any sort of annual mode.  If they
work together, then it could still come out alright, and may facilitate some
of the work involved.

Oh, but just to state, based on our experiences, it may be pushing it to do
a bid for 2010 at this point, unless you've already got the site lined up.
It is possible, but otherwise perhaps we're seeing 2011, 2012, 2013, or
something like that.

Sorry if this was offensive at all.  Yes, there are definitely 2 schools of
thought on the subject.  I've just seen Way too many dancers / laurels on
burnout, and I would rather see a more managed schedule that everyone can
enjoy, rather than overdoing it and burning out quicker.  (since we already
have a tendancy to keep doing more and more each year anyways)


On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 12:51 AM, Nadine <ianthe at gmail.com> wrote:

> There seems to be a big status factor here: "I've been to every KWDS,
> and I want to go to every one of them. And if it's annual, there is a
> possibility that I can't."
> I think that's a rather selfish view.
> Having an annual KWDS means there will be more choices. There's a
> choice you can make the year you want to vacation with your spouse and
> children, and not go to KWDS. That's ok.
> As for burnout, like I said before, I doubt a kingdom will bid for
> KWDS, if there isn't a strong dance community already in the kingdom
> to support it, and the backing of their barony.
> If the idea of an annual KWDS makes you tired, then pretend it's
> biannual and don't go every year.
> The only reason I am a paid SCA member is because of renaissance
> dance. And the more options there are for it, the more likely I'll
> stay a member. Otherwise I lay dormant, until Pennsic comes along, or
> a KWDS, then I perk up and evaluate my travel/vacation options. And I
> don't think I'm the only SCAdian like that in this list.
> Yes, change is hard. But with 4 groups vying to host the event, I
> really don't think it'll be that hard. When the momentum for dancing
> is high, just ride it, don't repress it. I don't understand the reason
> to stop and not try something out of fear of negative possibilities,
> or missing out. Try it first, then make a judgment.
> Lowrie.
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