[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Nadine ianthe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 00:51:34 EDT 2009

There seems to be a big status factor here: "I've been to every KWDS,
and I want to go to every one of them. And if it's annual, there is a
possibility that I can't."
I think that's a rather selfish view.

Having an annual KWDS means there will be more choices. There's a
choice you can make the year you want to vacation with your spouse and
children, and not go to KWDS. That's ok.

As for burnout, like I said before, I doubt a kingdom will bid for
KWDS, if there isn't a strong dance community already in the kingdom
to support it, and the backing of their barony.
If the idea of an annual KWDS makes you tired, then pretend it's
biannual and don't go every year.

The only reason I am a paid SCA member is because of renaissance
dance. And the more options there are for it, the more likely I'll
stay a member. Otherwise I lay dormant, until Pennsic comes along, or
a KWDS, then I perk up and evaluate my travel/vacation options. And I
don't think I'm the only SCAdian like that in this list.

Yes, change is hard. But with 4 groups vying to host the event, I
really don't think it'll be that hard. When the momentum for dancing
is high, just ride it, don't repress it. I don't understand the reason
to stop and not try something out of fear of negative possibilities,
or missing out. Try it first, then make a judgment.


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