[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Yves de Fortanier Yves.de.Fortanier at comcast.net
Tue Jul 21 23:45:58 EDT 2009

Bonjour from Yves,

I've been to two KWDS events - New Orleans and Seattle - and flew to both. I
might have been at this past one if my new job (yay) had started
sufficiently earlier or later than it did (sigh).

Since Adele asked, I've also been to eight of the fifteen KWAR (rapier)
events and flew to all but two (Wilmington NC, Cincinnati OH). I don't have
the stats, but my impression is that KWAR is about the same as KWDS
regarding size and draw. 

I'm very much for having KWDS (or a similar interkingdom dance event)

In recent years, modesty aside, I've run three local events that were all
bigger than KWAR/KWDS regarding staff and attendance. I find that the
stronger the attraction based on the opportunities offered, the more effort
people will put forth to attend if it's feasible for them to do so. In
short, if you want 'em to come, do all you can to make it worth their trip. 

Adele, the interkingdom wars serve as the KW-type events for the armored
combatants, no? KWDS serves as a "war" for dancers - in that we assemble to
practice our skills and socialize.

Also, what did they do at that KWCS to give you impression of "a kingdom
level event rather than something that drew from across the SCA"? If it was
the one in in Denver, I was there too.

I feel that more people would go to KWDS (and KWCS, KWHS, KWAR, etc.) if it
were closer to them more often.  

On a selfish note, if I play SCA for (picking a round number) ten more
years, I'd rather there be more than just five KWDS events in that time. *G*


Yves de Fortanier
(who plans to be at more dance-oriented events beyond Meridies)

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