[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

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My eight cents (2 cents each on four topics)


How often:

I am one who votes for KWDS every other year.

It is one of our major trips in the year when it is held, and as much as I
love to dance, I also love to ski, and to go to Disney World, and to sit on
the beach and so on. If KWDS is held every two years, we'll go to them all.
If it's held every year, I'm going to start opting out in favor of other
trips. So, to have the highest chance of people traveling to all KWDS's, you
hold fewer, so that people prioritize them. 

(FWIW: So far, Trahaearn's been to all of the KWDS's, and I've been to all
but Carolingia)


Europe or US:

I agree with the opinion that 3 out of 4 consecutive KWDS being out of the
U.S. is too many.

So, I would vote U.S. in 2011, Europe in 2013.

It was really helpful to us to know about Lochac four years in advance,
because they we could budget for that trip.


Where in the U.S.:

The only time KWDS has ever (maybe will ever??) be within driving distance
of us was when we hosted it in Seattle. 


So, knowing that we're going to be flying to it, really the Ohio bid and the
Indiana bid are the same thing to us (Philadelphia too.). Either way, it's a
smaller city, and we won't be able to get a non-stop flight there. (Hint for
everyone considering hosting: if you're close to a _major_ airport it's
easier for those who travel!)


I would propose that the two groups in the Middle work together. 

One of you (whichever one has the better site and location option) handle
site-related logistics: site reservations, lodging coordination, event
registration, etc.

One of you handle programming of the daytime workshop type events - work
with the instructors, develop class schedule, put together the proceedings.

I think the evening balls could either be done by the site folks if they
wanted to have their fingers in the dance planning pie, OR could be done by
the programming coordinators, either way.


The importance of geographic diversity

I would be hesitant to have two events in the same part of the country right
in a row (and yes, Indiana and Ohio are the same part of the country!)

One benefit of making sure the event moves around to different regions that
may not be obvious to all. once people come to one event, they're more
likely to come again. For previous KWDS's, there had been three An Tir'ians
who traveled to them (me, Trahaearn, and Sara). After the event was held in
An Tir, and our local folks attended here, more made the choice to travel to
the next KWDS. In Hamilton, there were 10 people from An Tir.

Making sure we spread the event around means we're always pulling in new





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The Barony of Bhakail in Philadelpia is hosting a combined Known World
Academy of the Rapier and Known World Costume Symposium this October.  Are
you sure they will want to host another Known World event?  If in fact they
are able to get through a much larger, more complex event than KWDS without
saying "never again", I would call that a strong argument in favor of having
it in Philadelphia. Obviously there are people there capable of navigating
the bureaucracy/politics involved in getting permission for a Known World
event. That event is being held in a convention hotel, but I'm sure there
are a variety of college venues available in the area.  How affordable are
they?  If you guys are serious, I would say throw your hat in the ring, and
not for 8 years down the line, but for 2011 or 2013.  (Or 2012, if people
really want to try doing it annually.  July 1010 after a KWAR/KWCS in
October 2009 would be nuts.)







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It's unfortunate that there are two reasonable bids so close together.  It's
also unfortunate that we have to do this

every two years, 'cause I'd love to host one in Philadelphia, but the
possibilities just keep piling up (Indiana, Germany,

Ohio, perhaps - I can't say I'll still be alive, let alone involved, and or
able to dance, in 8 years).  If there was any way

for those two bids to combine, it might be a better circumstance.  



     \\Arglwydd Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, OS, OM





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