[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Nadine ianthe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 19:56:40 EDT 2009

> So, to have the highest chance of people traveling to all KWDS's, you
> hold fewer, so that people prioritize them.

But this causes people who *would* prioritize KWDS every year to lose out.

I understand that if we do it annually, we will lose out on some of
the regulars. And though it is sad to consider a KWDS without say
Gwommy or Del, KWDS will probably still thrive without a few of us.

When I was really in my honeymoon phase of renaissance dancing, I was
flying to Terpischore, and driving to Crystal Ball, in addition to
Pennsic... all in search of dancing. And while that enthusiasm has
ebbed, I will daresay and hope there are younger dancers now who have
that energy and enthusiasm, where renaissance dance is their main
hobby, instead of one of many.

Also, a kingdom will probably not host KWDS unless they have a strong
dance community to support it. When Ansteorra hosted KWDS we were the
strongest then, and now, we struggle just to host a ball in a kingdom
event. It will be a long while till we bid again...

Either way, right now we have people wanting to host it, wanting to
dance. Let them do it.
I propose, try it for 4 years. If it looks like attendance drops too
dramatically. Then change it back to once every two years.

What's the harm in that?


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