[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

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The Barony of Bhakail in Philadelpia is hosting a combined Known World Academy of the Rapier and Known World Costume Symposium this October.  Are you sure they will want to host another Known World event?  If in fact they are able to get through a much larger, more complex event than KWDS without saying "never again", I would call that a strong argument in favor of having it in Philadelphia. Obviously there are people there capable of navigating the bureaucracy/politics involved in getting permission for a Known World event. That event is being held in a convention hotel, but I'm sure there are a variety of college venues available in the area.  How affordable are they?  If you guys are serious, I would say throw your hat in the ring, and not for 8 years down the line, but for 2011 or 2013.  (Or 2012, if people really want to try doing it annually.  July 1010 after a KWAR/KWCS in October 2009 would be nuts.)


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It's unfortunate that there are two reasonable bids so close together.  It's also unfortunate that we have to do this
every two years, 'cause I'd love to host one in Philadelphia, but the possibilities just keep piling up (Indiana, Germany,
Ohio, perhaps - I can't say I'll still be alive, let alone involved, and or able to dance, in 8 years).  If there was any way
for those two bids to combine, it might be a better circumstance.  

     \\Arglwydd Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, OS, OM


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