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The idea of an annual KWDS was discussed and rejected early on because people said the expense and time commitment would be too great.  Since it does draw from the whole Known World, a significant number of attendees pay to fly in.  Since it uses three days, plus travel time, it uses up weekday vacation time that could have been spend at Pennsic, etc., so people said they didn't want to make that commitment every year. 

I'm not familiar with Skype.  Is a conference call among a large group of people actually possible in a campground?

Sir Alan Culross has agreed to advocate for Mynydd Seren at Pennsic, but he will only be there during the second week.  So, where and when do folks want to meet and make a decision?


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Greetings to the list.

I would put forth the suggestion to do a confernce call, perhaps on a free service such as Skype.  I have used this to plan a locally hosted kingdom event (here in Trimaris) and found it fairly easy to coordinate.  An extra benifit of this is that you dont have to spen the time you are physically together discussing when you could be dancing.

Alas, I will not be at Pensic.  I would love to be in on the discussion (even if my good cousins here don't know me from Adam's housecat) as a couple of us here in southern Trimaris have been bouncing the idea of bidding on a KWDS.  We haven't spoken to the others in the dance community in our Kingdom - yet - and so I have been loathe to mention it previously on this list.  I will admit, the prospect of looking to being able to do this 8 to 10 years from now is somewhat discouraging....   *Has* the idea of an annual event been previously discussed?

As ever, 

Mistress Roz, the Younger

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> I was thinking that perhaps we could set a time to meet at Pennsic for further discussing the next KWDS bid here on the list and since Uracca can't be there, you'd think that someone would be able to call her and put her on speaker phone similar to a conference call. If we met on the middle Sat or Sun, we could use my phone.
> --Gwommy
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