[SCA-Dance] Known World reconstruction list discussion

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Tue Aug 11 08:49:20 EDT 2009

Charlene Charette wrote:
 > [Reconstructions: here or on a new list?]
 > [...]
 > One of the concerns of posting to
 > the SCA-dance list was that some people don't know how to politely
 > critique and that can deter postings.
 > [...]
> I'm willing to host such a list, but I also agree that we have WAY too
> many lists as it is.  (As an aside, I REALLY miss having one place to
> communicate with people from the whole Known World.)  Any suggested
> solutions?

Honestly, my preference would be to simply remind ourselves, as a 
community, to keep it friendly. We're still a small enough group that it 
is possible to maintain a measure of community standards, simply by 
pointing them out if people *do* get snarky. (It's true that such 
standards get harder to maintain as a group gets larger, but I don't 
think we're at that point yet.) *If* there turns out to be consensus 
that we'd like to make that work, I suspect we can, especially if we can 
start out with some positive examples of such a discussion...

				-- Justin

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