[SCA-Dance] Known World reconstruction list discussion

Charlene Charette charlene281 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 03:29:29 EDT 2009

>>> One of the ideas that came out of a class discussion was the idea of
>>> starting a separate online list for dance reconstruction as a Yahoo
>> [...]
>>>  However, no  one actually volunteered to start such a list.
>> so, rather than that, i think it would be better to use this list for it.
> I'd tend to agree. One thing I've become very conscious of recently is
> the increasing tendency to over-atomize mailing lists, often to the
> detriment of the community because of the resulting splintering.
> If this list (or, for that matter, rendance) were overly voluminous I
> might agree. But IMO the volume is moderate enough that I think it's
> more appropriate to keep such topics here...

I hosted the discussion where this came up.  We agreed that it would
be nice to have some place forr people to get feedback on
reconstructions and choreographies.  One of the concerns of posting to
the SCA-dance list was that some people don't know how to politely
critique and that can deter postings.  The discussion centered around
a moderated list where reconstructors and choreographers could get
feedback.  (Yahoo gives the advantage of having file space.)

I used to do the Ansterroan heralds' collated commentary.  At that
time there was way too much snarking in the commentary and our
principle herald asked me to edit out snark-for-snarks sake when
nothing constructive was added.  (He received the un-edited version.)
After awhile I had less and less editing to do because people learned
that constructive criticism was the standard.

I'm willing to host such a list, but I also agree that we have WAY too
many lists as it is.  (As an aside, I REALLY miss having one place to
communicate with people from the whole Known World.)  Any suggested


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