[SCA-Dance] email request

flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Apr 24 11:46:52 EDT 2009

Violin Goddess <violin.goddesss at gmail.com> writes:
> *If it is at all possible, I would very much appreciate if you could send me
> the activity on the dance list, in DIGEST FORMAT?  It's easier to keep track
> of, save to computer, and doesn't clog up my email account!

I can see how the sheer volume of sca-dance posts could bury you. ;)

I personally think that digest mode is a bit antiquated (kinda ironic on a medieval 
dance list. :) since most mailers will let you file incoming mail into folders 
based on headers. I'm willing to help you with your mailer (if gmail, it's really easy)
should you wish.

That said, if you just want to set digest mode and be done with it, i've made a form
which i believe is easier than mailman's interface.

It can be found here:

Hope this helps.

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