[SCA-Dance] Dance Parties ALL NIGHT at KWDS VII

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 21:46:42 EDT 2009

Yes, you've heard correctly!  After the ball ends each night, we'll move
into an All Night Party Room in the Residence building on campus at KWDS
this year!  Food, Drinks, and Friends to dance the nights away!

1.  ALSO, the *Website *(www.kwdsvii.org) has been *updated *with our
initial set of Classes/Teachers!  Come browse our wonderful selection of
Dance AND Music Classes!  (41 classes listed so far, with many more on the

2.  This is also a pertinent reminder that Pre-Registrations will be coming
to a close *May 15th!*  (and for our US friends, we'll need to be receiving
a Cheque / Money order at that time, to give it time to clear!)

3.  If you are still interested in *Becoming a Teacher* at KWDS, we'd Love
to have you!  Please drop me a quick email to confirm your interest ASAP, so
I can hold a spot for you, and we can discuss what you would like to teach!

Thanks everyone!  It looks like it is going to be a spectacular event!
Darius the Dancer

P.S.  Sorry for anyone who gets this message multiple times!

P.P.S  We're also on Facebook!  Come check out some pictures of our site.
Hopefully this link will work:

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Subject: KWDS VII has been Approved!
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For those who haven't heard, we have just received word that the Known World
Dance (and Music) Symposium VII is now Fully Approved!

It will be running from about 6 pm Thursday July 2nd, until about 5:30 pm
Sunday July 5th, 2009, at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario
(between Toronto and Niagara Falls).

Pre-registration should be opening shortly (by mid-Feb), at which point
we'll send out more info.  But at a glance, pre-reg for the weekend will
cost around $50, not including food or accomodations.

Otherwise, the dorm beds are actually Comfortable this time around, and the
dorms are by far the closest place to stay to the class buildings.  You're
looking at around $55 per night for a single room, or around $45 per night
per person for double occupancy.  Otherwise, there are hotels a short drive
/ transit ride away (and they aren't too expensive, since we aren't right in
Toronto), or there are potentially people to crash with around town, though
we are still coordinating this.

For travel, you can fly into the Hamilton airport, or to Toronto, or you may
wish to fly to Buffalo (may be cheaper for people in the US already), but
I'm not sure about transit from Buffalo (you may need to rent a car for that
one, but you shouldn't need to for the closer airports).  Of course if you
are driving, then you will want to cross the border into Canada either at
Buffalo for those from the east, or at Sarnia or Windsor for those from the

PASSPORTS!!!   If you are not from Canada, You will need a Passport for each
traveller to be able to attend the event.  (unfortunately, these rules are
set to come into effect just before our event date).  Oh, and one tip:  When
crossing the border with a car full of SCAdians, try to make sure you know
everyone's Mundane names, and that the driver knows where you each are
coming from.  It looks a little weird when you don't know this info.  :)

Other than that, we'll be getting more info up on the website (And the
pre-reg info) over the coming days.  Here is the address again:

I hope this helps everyone's vacation plans.  Yay Dancing!

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