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Tue Feb 12 01:00:44 EST 2008

On Feb 11, 2008 8:56 PM, Jane & Mark Waks <waks at comcast.net> wrote:

> Also remember, they weren't meant to be danced on their own. First you
> do the Old Measures -- *then* you do the au courant stuff. That makes
> for an interesting and unusual Ball. (I did one of these about ten years
> ago; it was a fun and broadly successful experiment.)

I am a huge fan of the Old Measures.  With them, you can have the newest
beginner dancing authentically and well in a few minutes.  And well, yes, I
am a plain person.

It often happens that we dance at events on Saturday nights between All
Saints and Candlemas.  When we can tell folks that the dances we're starting
with are what folks in 16th century London would have started with on such a
Saturday night, it's a wonderful way to crank up the wayback machine.  (How
often can you say with confidence that you're doing exactly what a period
person would have done on a particular occasion?)   If you mess with the
choreographies, I think you risk losing that.

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