[SCA-Dance] Quadran Pavan

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Mon Feb 11 20:38:56 EST 2008

Once upon a time, Mabel Dolmetsch got bored with Quadran Pavan.  The result
was the dance known in the SCA as the Earl of Salisbury Pavan, because it
no longer bore any resemblence to the Quadran Pavan. If you want a more
elaborate dance, then choreograph one.  Just don't call it the Quadran
Pavan.  Call it Lord Ives' Pavan, or whatever, and teach it as an SCA

The fact of the matter is that the Old Measures were a set of dances, fixed
by tradition, and perpetuated in their traditional form by the Inns of
Court long after such dances were out of fashion elsewhere.  It goes
against the spirit of such a dance to fancy it up.


"Plain men dance the measures, the cinquepace the gay, your drunkard the
canary, your bawd and whore the hey."

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