[SCA-Dance] Quadran Pavan

rwalla at comcast.net rwalla at comcast.net
Mon Feb 11 13:03:07 EST 2008

Step left, step right, double left. Step left, step right, double back.

Gets old fast, doesn't it? Fellow dancers, I'm writing this to get your feedback. I have an idea to teach this dance in a way to make it less monotonous. 

The name quadran suggests a square or rectangular pattern to me. Instead of only going back and forth to make an I-shape, I propose to use single-single-double (whoa, a pavan set) to progress in other patterns. 

For example, the couple's progress could form two squares (men to their left, women to their right). Men could step left twice, double forward and pivot, step left twice - meet with their partner, and double forward back to place (optional pivot at end).

Then I thought, how about the men progress in a square before them (NW), and the women do likewise in a square behind them (SE)? Using compass directions, the Lady could step East twice, then double South (which would be a double back if they remain facing North), then step West twice, then double North to rejoin their partner.

Then I thought, why limit this to squares? What about diamonds and lozenges? triangles, circles, and figure-eights?

(teaching some Old Measures soon)

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