[SCA-Dance] Early Tudor Dance

Joseph Cook joeguppy2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 26 19:45:59 EDT 2008

> "A single choreography survives in an early Tudor
> moot book of Lincoln's Inn, glossed as 'the old 

Fascinating!  Have you managed to find a copy of the
Lincoln's Inn?  I would be fascinated to see how it

>   The howe of the howse [margin: or the old measure]
>   Fyrst half turn and undo yt agayn, flower, iij
> forth, the fyrst man and
>   second folowe, flower and roll into other placys,
> hole turn, flower, and
>   then roll into other placys.[44]"

"Flower"?  Again, FASCINATING!  I have been mulling
over and over one whether the "fleurdelice" is in fact
like a fleuret or movimento.  This interesting
reference to a "flower" creates yet another good link
to the fleuret idea.

> It also mentions that a 15th century carol (Nowell
> Nowell) proceeds the dance description, and gives 
> 1390 and 1491 literary references to "houe 
> daunce"/"hovedaunce".

Where DO you find this stuff?!  Fascinating!


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