[SCA-Dance] Dancer's Revolt on October 6!

Philip Lewis flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Aug 22 12:37:20 EDT 2007

"Beth Gurzler" <bgdeonna at hotmail.com> writes:
> If you would be so kind, where might this event be -
> kingdom/geographic area etc.  Sounds like a good time but some detail
> would be helpful.

From: Lydia Revesz <lydiarevesz at yahoo.com>
>Please join us on October 6, in the Barony of Roaring
>Wastes, Midrealm (Detroit, MI), as we dance our shoes
>to shreds!


Here is last years event announcement to give you an idea of
what might be expected:

flip (no affiliation with the event)

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