[SCA-Dance] greetings

Stephanie Smith sismith42 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 08:11:38 EDT 2007


I've just joined this list and wanted to introduce
myself.  My name is Estevana d'Orliens, and I live in
the Shire of Harpelestane, Drachenwald (modernly:
Stephanie Rebours-Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland).

I've been attending the shire dance practice on and
off for the past 4 years (more off than on, since
there was a big break of a year and a half where I was
back home in California), and met my husband there :-)

My main interest dance-wise is I guess the Inns of
Court (can we still call them that?) stuff, since
learning The Spanioletta (and having previously
enjoying Madame Soisilla's) got me doing silly things
like searching the web for more info about the dances
and situations where they were done in period and
joining this mailing list :-)  My "old" favourite
dance was Ly Bens Dystonis, but I generally just like
to dance, even if it's just Double Bransle as written
until the music runs out (good abductor workout, btw:
much more fun than leg lifts).

To end with a question:  how many "Spaingo-something"
dances are there? I know "The Spanioletta" (from Inns
of Court), "Lo Spagnoletto" (Negri), and have heard of
two Spainioletta's from Carusso... are there any
others, to add to the confusion when someone asks for


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