[SCA-Dance] Dancer's Revolt on October 6!

Beth Gurzler bgdeonna at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 11:03:48 EDT 2007

Good lady,
If you would be so kind, where might this event be - kingdom/geographic area 
etc.  Sounds like a good time but some detail would be helpful.


>From: Lydia Revesz <lydiarevesz at yahoo.com>

>Many apologies for the short notice, but the only
>weekend available at our site is October 6.
>So, mark your calendars and come dance with us!
>Dancer's Revolt is a fun, laid-back dance event where
>the dancing starts at noon and the fighting starts
>when the dancing is over (I don't think there's
>actually been fighting at this event for years).
>I'm looking for teachers!  Each teacher takes a turn
>teaching a variety of styles and skill levels.  If you
>are interested in teaching, please contact me as soon
>as possible.
>Once again, many apologies for the short notice.
>Please join us on October 6, in the Barony of Roaring
>Wastes, Midrealm (Detroit, MI), as we dance our shoes
>to shreds!
>Lady Revesz Jlona
>(mka Lydia Revesz)

Now you can see trouble…before he arrives 

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