Help with Openslide installation error on windows 10 Anaconda3

Stanard Mebwe P. stanard at
Mon Jul 11 09:24:20 EDT 2022

Dear Openslide Users,

I would like to use openslide to visualise huge .ndpi images.
I have a problem installing openslide on my computer.
I have windows10 , and Anaconda3 plus python 3.9.

I did on the terminal ran "pip install openslide-python"
I went online on the website.
I did download the windows 64Bit  last version of openslide.
I then extracted it into my
"C:/Users/User_name/Anacona3/lib/slide-package/openslide/" folder
in the file "openslide/" , I did add the following code
from __future__ import division

import os
os.environ['PATH'] =

on top ot the script

When running on the terminal of spider IDE, I have the following error:

ModuleNotFoundError: Couldn't locate OpenSlide DLL.  Did you call

I have seen online that many people have the similar or other type of
error, but I coulnd find a solution.

May someone help??

Thank  you in advance.
Stanard MP


Stanard MP
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