Nightly Windows builds are available again

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Wed Jul 27 01:32:49 EDT 2022

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce an update on the OpenSlide Windows builds:

- Builds have been fixed to work correctly with a current MinGW-w64 toolchain.
- All dependencies have been updated.
- The build now runs in a Fedora container image that's refreshed
weekly by GitHub Actions, removing the need to manually install
dependencies on the build machine.  Container-based builds should work
both on Linux and on Windows with WSL2.
- Support for building in Cygwin has been removed.
- Nightly builds have been migrated to GitHub Actions and are running again.

The nightly builds are available at:

Please try them out and report problems.  If no issues are found, I
plan to release a new official Windows build in the coming weeks.
(Unlike the nightly builds, the official release will still include
OpenSlide 3.4.1, not the Git main branch.)

--Benjamin Gilbert

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