openslide_read_region filling buffer with 0's for Mirax

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I don't know. Their demo is in C#, but I doubt they are running .NET Core.I'll check once I havd the chance.Von meinem Samsung Galaxy Smartphone gesendet.
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    Does the SDK from 3DHistech work on Linux?
    On 4/10/2020 10:23 AM, PD Dr. med. M.
      Weihrauch wrote:
      3dHistech can also give you there SDK. it is
        somewhat buggy, but reads all files..
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        for Mirax 
        I don't work with C interface, I just use the tools under
          Linux and recently  have problem with the Mirax files
          generated by the new 3DHistech scanner. The new file format
          does contain some extra information that OpenSlide rejects or
          doesn't understand. I read in other mailing lists that people
          have successfully use 3DHistech converter (free download from
          3DHistech site) to convert from MIRAX format to MIRAX format
          (same format conversion) and can successfully use the
          converted file with OpenSlide. The converter basically removes
          the extra overlapping information from the file, This is an
          extra step that needs to be done on the scanner PC. Is there
          possibility that OpenSlide library can be updated to avoid
          this conversion step, eg, skipping the overlapping information
          in the new Mirax format.
        On 4/9/2020 11:21 PM, Terry Wilson
          I am using the C interface to the windows
            version of OpenSlide.  I have successfully used it to for a
            number of different formats, however, the same code does not
            appear to be working for Mirax slides.  I am able to open
            the slide and see the various properties, however, anytime I
            try calling openslide_read_region, it always just fills in
            the buffer with 0's.  According to the documentation that is
            an indication of some error, however, calling
            openslide_get_error immediately after just returns a null
            error object.
            I saw an older post from someone on this mailing list
              who seemed to have the exact same problem I am having with
              Mirax slides ... unfortunately they seemed to eventually
              get it working but had no idea what they changed to get it
              to work.  So I am looking for some suggestions on what to
              try.  I have tried retrieving all the data for the entire
              level 0 using a tile size of 512x512 and they all seem to
              come back with 0's.  I tried getting an entire higher
              level (level 6) with one call but same result.  I have
              also tried various different Mirax slides (including some
              of the demo ones from the OpenSlide site) The code is
              pretty simple:
            // Try reading a single tile
            // x, y values start at 0,0 and increase based on the
              tile size
            int size = 512;
            uint32_t *data = new uint32_t[size * size];
              openslide_read_region(openslide, data, x, y, 0, size,
              const char* err = openslide_get_error(openslide);
              if (err != NULL)
                  printf("error detected");
            I used openslide_get_property_names /
              openslide_get_property_value to dump out all the various
              metadata values for the slides ... is there some value in
              this metadata that I need to be accounting for (I assumed
              that the OpenSlide library was already doing that)? Any
              suggestions on how to trouble shoot this problem would be
              greatly appreciated.
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