Sakura VisionTek .svslide

Yves Sucaet yves.sucaet at
Sun Feb 12 14:57:11 EST 2017

Hi Arun,

It's my understanding that Sakura offered its own sample set of SVSlide files
to download. These used to be available from
but the site seems to be malfunctioning currently. 

It would be useful to incorporate that sample set into the OpenSlide reference
dataset, too.

Benjamin Gilbert is still working on redoing the OpenSlide repo, so stay tuned
for that.

@Benjamin: feel free to provide an update here :-)

Yves Sucaet

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Subject: Sakura VisionTek .svslide

> Dear Readers,
> How to upload .svslide files to view this files in a web based application?
> I was able to see other files in the demo area but .svslide file was
> missing.
> Anyone have some idea about web based application to view .svslide sakura
> visiontek format?
> I look forward for your replies
> Thank you
> Arun Jyothi S.P.
> Kuwait

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