VIPS,OpenSlide linker error

Yusuf Roohani yhr at
Tue Oct 11 15:32:57 EDT 2016

Thanks John, Benjamin

I manually removed all the libtiff installed files and re-built openslide
and vips. You were right - they were both still able to detect another
installation of libtiff somewhere, but now there wasn't a clash. I have a
feeling that it may have snuck in with OpenCV, in case anyone else has the
same issue.

Thanks again, the svs to tiff conversion is very quick, just what I was
looking for. Will make sure to drop a citation for your package.


> Hi Yusuf,
> On 11 October 2016 at 03:54, Yusuf Roohani via openslide-users
> <openslide-users at> wrote:
>> I set the appropriate flags for the libraries, includes, pkg_configs
>> etc.
>> when I had installed openslide, and everything went fine. The strange
>> thing is when I use the same flags to compile VIPS, I get the following
>> errors (shown below) when it links I even tried
>> redo-ing
> Maybe you have two libtiffs, and openslide and vips are picking up
> different ones.
> Both vips and openslide link to libtiff, but they use different
> techniques to find the library on your machine. Recent libvipses use
> pkg-config and will look along your PKG_CONFIG_PATH for libtiff, but
> older versions will search in /usr/include for headers. openslide will
> try pkg-config first, but if that fails, it'll fall back to a
> different technique which might not find the library vips finds.
> I would get the latest versions of both vips and openslide, configure
> them carefully, and verify that they are both picking up the same
> libtiff. It looks like you've built your own libtiff4 in ~/.usr/local,
> so make sure they are both seeing that and also linking to it.
> John

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