VIPS,OpenSlide linker error

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Tue Oct 11 04:36:08 EDT 2016

Hi Yusuf,

On 11 October 2016 at 03:54, Yusuf Roohani via openslide-users
<openslide-users at> wrote:
> I set the appropriate flags for the libraries, includes, pkg_configs etc.
> when I had installed openslide, and everything went fine. The strange
> thing is when I use the same flags to compile VIPS, I get the following
> errors (shown below) when it links I even tried redo-ing

Maybe you have two libtiffs, and openslide and vips are picking up
different ones.

Both vips and openslide link to libtiff, but they use different
techniques to find the library on your machine. Recent libvipses use
pkg-config and will look along your PKG_CONFIG_PATH for libtiff, but
older versions will search in /usr/include for headers. openslide will
try pkg-config first, but if that fails, it'll fall back to a
different technique which might not find the library vips finds.

I would get the latest versions of both vips and openslide, configure
them carefully, and verify that they are both picking up the same
libtiff. It looks like you've built your own libtiff4 in ~/.usr/local,
so make sure they are both seeing that and also linking to it.


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