Arrived in SFO for DPA

Alvaro G. agonzalez at
Thu Oct 23 07:37:38 EDT 2014

Yeah, as always, it will depend on the extent of the NDA, the country of 
residence and everything, sometimes you can describe the literal format 
or innings of the file, or write an API/SDK for others to replicate. 
Also, sometimes people receive docs BEFORE signing NDAs O:).

But, of course, IANAL, and you are on your own and everything ;)

Anyway, I should receive any time this year some new Digipath scanners 
and I'll try to scan a good bunch of samples with them :D


On 22/10/14 22:10, Benjamin Gilbert wrote:
> On 10/22/2014 09:38 AM, Alvaro G. wrote:
>> We may also 'use' people having NDAs to do a 'clean room design'.
> A clean-room approach doesn't allow anyone to avoid their obligations
> under an NDA.  If the NDA prohibits disclosing the *contents* of the
> documentation as well as its exact text, then someone who accepted the
> NDA cannot rewrite the documentation and pass it to someone who didn't.
> (As always: not a lawyer, not legal advice.)
> --Benjamin Gilbert
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