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Anyone has one of these? The are supposedly around EUR9,000, but I don't
know anything about their format, quality, etc. <>

Am 23.10.2014 13:37, schrieb Alvaro G.:
> Yeah, as always, it will depend on the extent of the NDA, the country of 
> residence and everything, sometimes you can describe the literal format 
> or innings of the file, or write an API/SDK for others to replicate. 
> Also, sometimes people receive docs BEFORE signing NDAs O:).
> But, of course, IANAL, and you are on your own and everything ;)
> Anyway, I should receive any time this year some new Digipath scanners 
> and I'll try to scan a good bunch of samples with them :D
> Thanks!
> On 22/10/14 22:10, Benjamin Gilbert wrote:
>> On 10/22/2014 09:38 AM, Alvaro G. wrote:
>>> We may also 'use' people having NDAs to do a 'clean room design'.
>> A clean-room approach doesn't allow anyone to avoid their obligations
>> under an NDA.  If the NDA prohibits disclosing the *contents* of the
>> documentation as well as its exact text, then someone who accepted the
>> NDA cannot rewrite the documentation and pass it to someone who didn't.
>> (As always: not a lawyer, not legal advice.)
>> --Benjamin Gilbert
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