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Nikolay Kladt kladtn at
Fri Nov 7 08:55:07 EST 2014

Hi everybody,

I have just started to use OpenSlide Python to look at Leica Slidescanner
images. While the basic usage is very simple, there is one question for
which I cannot seem to find the answer:

The scn file has multiple associated images (scanned ROIs) that have been
scanned with identical resolution. How do I access individual images or get
their bounds? It seems that the properties do not show the required
information but the file format description includes multiple images.

I think I can work-around easily by a first-pass, detecting background
pixels to obtain the ROIs on level zero using tiled reading, before
actually doing anything else but it seems that this information is
somewhere already... I am pretty sure I got confused somewhere..

If this is a problem of having test data, we can easily generate data sets
that can be shared.

Best (and thanks for writing a very promising tool),


Dr. Nikolay Kladt
Image and Data Analyst, CECAD Imaging Facility
kladtn at
++49 221 478 84028

CECAD Cologne - Excellent in Aging Research
Universität zu Köln
Joseph-Stelzmann Str. 26
50931 Cologne
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