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Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Thu Jan 16 01:08:36 EST 2014

On 01/15/2014 03:07 PM, Mark Ungrin wrote:
> What would be your recommendations in terms of hardware for a slidedeck
> server, and how would it change for say 35 vs 100 vs 200 students?

I don't have specific recommendations.  If you have 200 *simultaneous* 
users, you might need a fair amount of CPU and I/O.  If you try it, let 
us know how it goes.  :-)

If you have a large number of students and a small-to-moderate number of 
slides, you may want to consider using VIPS to generate the Deep Zoom 
tiles in advance.  Then you'd just need to serve the tiles from disk 
with a regular web server.

> Also slidedeck seems much faster than deepzoom when bringing up the
> initial image when first loading (both via Apache) - are they handling
> the images differently?

By default, when OpenSeadragon loads a Deep Zoom pyramid, it loads each 
pyramid level in turn starting from the first.  This is pointless, since 
the 9th Deep Zoom level is less than 256 pixels on a side.  SlideDeck 
and the OpenSlide demo site have a hack to start OpenSeadragon at the 
9th level, but since is supposed to be example code 
it doesn't have the hack.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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