Openslide and MATLAB

Adam Goode adam at
Thu Nov 25 22:14:45 EST 2010

On 11/24/2010 05:02 PM, Mitko Veta wrote:
> Hello to everyone on this list.
> First of all, all want to thank all people who contributed to
> Openslide for their exceptional work.
> For the last months, I've been using Openslide for reading digital
> slide images in MATLAB. I've created MEX-wrappers around the basic
> functionalities, and two MATLAB classes. One provides abstraction for
> the data (including subscripted referencing), and the other one basic
> viewing capabilities that can be easily integrated into a GUI:
> thumbnail navigation, zooming through the layers, simple scrolling
> etc. I plan to add additional features like region annotations in the
> future. It's nothing remarkable, the code is still rough around the
> edges, but when I get to improving it, I plan to share it with the
> community.

This is great! I look forward to seeing your work here!


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