Openslide and MATLAB

Mitko Veta mitko.veta at
Wed Nov 24 17:02:18 EST 2010

Hello to everyone on this list.

First of all, all want to thank all people who contributed to
Openslide for their exceptional work.

For the last months, I've been using Openslide for reading digital
slide images in MATLAB. I've created MEX-wrappers around the basic
functionalities, and two MATLAB classes. One provides abstraction for
the data (including subscripted referencing), and the other one basic
viewing capabilities that can be easily integrated into a GUI:
thumbnail navigation, zooming through the layers, simple scrolling
etc. I plan to add additional features like region annotations in the
future. It's nothing remarkable, the code is still rough around the
edges, but when I get to improving it, I plan to share it with the

I was wondering if anyone else is using Openslide with MATLAB and
what's their experience?


Mitko Veta

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