Openslide and MATLAB

M. Satyanarayanan satya at
Fri Nov 26 10:45:47 EST 2010

Dear Mitko,
  It's great to hear that you have created a MATLAB interface to OpenSlide!
I am not aware of anyone else who is duplicating this effort, so your work
will be much appreciated by the OpenSlide community.  Incidentally,
Diamond ( allows searches using filters written
in MATLAB so this will be valuable to us downstream.

  On a slightly different note, you and others in the OpenSlide community
may be interested to know that Jan Harkes in our group recently connected
the OpenSeadragon viewer to OpenSlide.  
OpenSeadragon is an Ajax-based deep-zoom viewer that came out of
Microsoft's Silverlight project.  This lets you view digital slides across the Internet
via a web browser (Firefox and Chrome we know work, others may work or not).
(Great work, Jan!)

  You can check this out at
Log in as "guest" with password "guest" and click on the "OpenSlide" task.
You'll see the same slide scanned via the 4 formats support currently in OpenSlide.
You should be able to remotely zoom, pan etc.   even over a 3G/4G network.
We are now using this in a collaboration with a researcher in Tampa, Florida.
Algum lets him upload the slides from there to our servers, and then to view
the uploaded slides from anywhere on the Internet.

                  -- Satya

              Mahadev Satyanarayanan
              Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science
              Carnegie Mellon University
              Email: satya at
              Phone: (412)-268-3743

> Hello to everyone on this list.
> First of all, all want to thank all people who contributed to
> Openslide for their exceptional work.
> For the last months, I've been using Openslide for reading digital
> slide images in MATLAB. I've created MEX-wrappers around the basic
> functionalities, and two MATLAB classes. One provides abstraction for
> the data (including subscripted referencing), and the other one basic
> viewing capabilities that can be easily integrated into a GUI:
> thumbnail navigation, zooming through the layers, simple scrolling
> etc. I plan to add additional features like region annotations in the
> future. It's nothing remarkable, the code is still rough around the
> edges, but when I get to improving it, I plan to share it with the
> community.
> I was wondering if anyone else is using Openslide with MATLAB and
> what's their experience?
> Regards,
> Mitko Veta
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